Lee Cooke Computing and Design is now offering new support services; including, but not limited to:

  • Typesetting of documents / posters / flyers – (results will be sent to you as a PDF file so you can print your own copies (small page items and flyers). Books can be printed using online services such as Blurb.
  • Copy Editing – Documents can be scanned in from typed originals, or typed from hand-written originals. These can be sent to the customer in PDF form for them to print, or sent to a third party (such as Blurb, see above) to be printed.
  • Web Site Fine Tuning and SEO – the web site will be analysed remotely and a report of recommendations will be emailed to you.

These services are primarily designed for distance working, i.e. via email and telephone. Payments will be by bank transfer.