There is a very practical way of speeding up your Desktop or Laptop PC (or iMac/MacBook) which can, in most cases, result in a very large speed increase.

NOTE: This upgrade does NOT work for machines with small amounts of storage, such as the 16,32 or 64Gb ‘Cloudbook’ or ‘Stream’ laptops that are available currently. It also does not work if your machine is already fitted with an SSD drive of some description (but there are alternatives, please contact us for details).

LCCD can, for a reasonable fee, replace the Hard drive (HDD) of your machine with a faster, more reliable Solid State Drive (SSD). This will make your machine run a lot faster, as well as making it more immune to physical damage, knocks etc. As an example, I have a Windows 10 PC that, once fitted with an SSD, boots in 15-30 seconds (as opposed to two to three minutes or more). By boot, I mean that the machine is ready for use in this time.

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