If you are thinking of buying a used laptop, and have seen one of the above machines available at what looks like a ‘rock bottom’ price, please be extremely careful before purchasing it, especially if it is supposed to be running Windows 10.

Some of these laptops (especially the older ones) were manufactured to a tight budget, and were built when the minimum requirements for Windows 10 were a lot less than they are now.

Simply put, they just don’t have the room to run Windows 10 any more…!

Look at the specification sheet for the model you are looking at. If it says 2GB Ram and 32GB Storage, DO NOT BUY IT.

It sounds like a lot of space, but within 6 months the machine will run out of space, due to work files building up on it and Windows Updates being regularly downloaded to it (which you cannot stop/say no to…!).

If you already have one of these machines, however, there are ways to make it useful again.

  1. I have a sheet (suitable for semi-experienced users only) that details how to get the laptop usable again. However, this procedure does involve reinstalling the machine after any major updates, so it’s not for the faint hearted…!
  2. Another good solution for these laptops is to convert them into Chromebooks. This is accomplished by a piece of software called Cloudready, from a firm called Neverware ( The home version is free, contact me if you need help installing it.