Is Kindle direct publishing (KDP) worth it?

To the independent writer trying to get a foot in the door, it’s a definite maybe.

You are able to quite inexpensively publish your book in any form, with minimal outlay, with the possibility of reaching a massive audience.

What many people are not aware of, however, is that there is the option of creating books not just for the Amazon Kindle device (which is the first impression that you get) but a hard copy which is available on a ‘Print on Demand’ basis (i.e. you only pay for exactly the number of copies you want, and no more).

Gone are the days of expensive ‘vanity publishing’, which meant you spent hundreds or thousands on a stack of books that ended up gathering dust at the end of your bed.

To see a good example of a book that I have helped publish, click HERE. (This book was based on the authors rough notes and a transcript with screenshots from the documentary video I produced).

I take your manuscript from Word/PDF form (or plain paper, for an additional copy editing fee) and turn it into a KDP ready form, including a basic cover design, and upload everything to your Amazon Account for you.

Cost for the basic service above is £100.

Use the contact form on the home page if you need further details, or to organise an appointment to discuss your manuscript further. Click the House logo at top right, or HERE to get there.