Needs not wants


NEEDS NOT WANTS. A phrase that means a lot at the moment.

We may be coming out (gradually) of the times of hardship caused by Covid (and other reasons), but this one phrase really needs to be kept in mind at the moment.

Why, therefore, has Microsoft made it its objective to get people to buy new computers, by such exacting system requirements for the new version of Windows?

Especially when their new ‘offering’, Windows 11, doesn’t really seem to offer enough to justify buying one.

The question people should be really asking is, “What do I NEED my computer to be able to do? What tasks do I NEED to do?” Not “What do I WANT my computer to do?”

A new system would, of course, be a nice thing at times.

This, however, is not one of them, nor is it a reason on its own for buying a new computer.

If your existing machine is dead on its feet, or is unable to do the things that you NEED to do, by all means look to a new computer. Don’t use Windows 11 as an excuse, or be caught up in one of Microsoft’s massive marketing hypes.

Lee Cooke, Lee Cooke Computing and Design.