Welcome to our all new website! This site contains tips and suggestions for looking after your own computer equipment, as well as a list of services offered by Lee Cooke Computing and Design (LCCD). If you can’t see what you want here, please contact me, either by using the contact form below or by phone to 07880 538326, and I will do my best to help out.

PLEASE NOTE: We now have more slots opening up on our Remote Access support service. This service allows you to get the computer support you need quickly and economically (quick access, with reduced support charges and no travel charges). For the basic service, you will need your internet to be working; however, if it isn’t, telephone support can usually fix most internet-related problems (or, in the worst case, let you know what is needed to fix it).

Posts of news articles that will be of interest to computer and tablet users will be regularly posted. Do note that LCCD supports both Apple and Windows equipment, as well as Chromebooks and Android devices.

The main subject at the moment is ensuring that your Windows equipment is capable of running Windows 10. Contact me if you wish me to conduct a survey of your equipment and software regarding any upgrades required.

Site visits are now available again, subject to travel charges outside the Worthing area, but also have a look at our Remote Access service.

There is also some concern from people at the moment about the forthcoming ‘Windows 11’ and whether it is necessary, or worth, upgrading your computer at this time to run. My personal opinion, at this time, is no, it isn’t. As long as your computer does what you want, and does it reliably, at a reasonable speed, there is no need to upgrade. See my article ‘Needs not Wants’ for further details. We do, however, provide support for Windows 11 based systems if required.

As a follow-up to the above; everyone using an internet-connected PC or Laptop should, by now, be running Windows 10. (Windows 8.1 is still suitable for some stand-alone applications, such as a Media PC that’s being used only for Viewing Videos on a large screen. Please note, however, that Windows 8.1 is NOT suitable for the internet or any online use as it is no longer supported by Microsoft (and, soon, most of the major software brands if the pattern from Windows 7 is repeated).)

As another way of support I am going to be adding a selection of small guides to the website that may solve common problems, with a view toward producing a booklet of frequently asked questions (FAQs) at a later date. Please contact me to find out more, as well as to offer subjects for inclusion. UPDATE: The booklet will shortly be available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook. Watch this space for more details soon.

Also, if you have an old piece of equipment that is essential to your business, that requires older versions of Windows, please get in touch! We have experience of Windows versions right down to XP (Note: even we draw the line at Windows Me, 98se and earlier…!!).

Please use the contact form below to get in touch: